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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Supermassive black holes

A report in the Telegraph today says that supermassive black holes ten billion times bigger than our sun have been discovered 300 million light years away. To see the report click on the link below:-

Supermassive black holes

The existence of such huge natural phenomena are difficult to explain in terms of the current cosmological theories but are entirely to be expected in the New Cosmology I have postulated. Old theory suggests that our universe began 14 billion years ago with the Big Bang, when all matter was created from a singularity. In this timescale it appears unlikely that such large Black Holes that have been discovered could form.

My New Cosmology suggests that the universe was created by a different mechanism about that time but since has been coalescing with other, some younger and some much older universes that share common physical properties. Since this formation of universes has an infinite and eternal past and future, some of those melded with our own will be huge by comparison. Galaxies and Black Holes from within all the coalesced universes are free to intermingle causing much of the galactic activity recently discovered.

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