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Tuesday 6 December 2011

New World Order

Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Sarkozy of France, the present leaders of the countries defeated in  World War II, this weekend set out the timetable for their eventual take over of Europe. It beggers belief and would, I'm sure, disappoint many of those that gave up their life in the great wars of the twentieth century. The British PM must get the UK out of political union while he can.
I can't help but think that this development is exactly what those who set up the Common Market had in mind all along. It is part of the process to establish the New World Order by subjugating all nations to a small, all powerful body of suprawealthy people and their organisations. One can see how easy it is to spread panic amongst the individual nations by manipulating the markets particularly with energy. A doubling of oil prices, now, would pretty much destroy most economies and lead to rioting in the streets. There's nothing like having the people revolt before you move in and take over.
The formation of post war Europe has been a tortuous road from the beginnings in 1949 with the formation of the European Council, through the Treaty of Paris in 1951 which established the EEC and eventual British membership in 1973, bitterly opposed by the ungrateful French. Spain joined in 1977 and in 1993, the Maastrict Treaty was signed creating the forerunner of the enlarged European Union we have today. More than twenty-five different countries with their cultures, history, beliefs and aspirations, each with their own national Governments, trying to live together in peace and harmony. It was never going to work but that didn't stop the people who are ultimately behind this process from going ahead, ignoring all opposition, and achieving what could never have been done against each country individually. In Ireland a referendum on a treaty had to be retaken until the people voted to accept, having earlier rejected it. The politicians are complicit in this scandal and Cameron must be compelled to ignore the siren calls for compliance and pull back.
In 2002, with the introduction of the Euro, the powers that be played their masterstroke and the countdown to inevitable failure had begun. First it was Greece, followed by Ireland and other Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain. The Greeks people now have to suffer years of austerity as a condition of German financial help. Ireland have already submitted their new proposed budget to the Germans for approval and Italy have replaced their President at the behest of the EEC chiefs. These are early days but already Democracy is being replaced by stealth and the people of the EEC are going to find themselves ruled from Brussels before too long and they will be powerless to respond. One of the original joys of Europe was the diversity of the different peoples and their ways of life. How DO you get a Spaniard brought up with the 'mañana' mentality to adjust to the 'just in time' philosophy of industry. Do you even want to? Why would you want to go to a country for a peaceful and relaxing holiday only to discover that it's exactly the same as back home?
It's not only Europe that's being dismantled. The Arab countries are seeing a new order and it's just possible it is all being orchestrated by the same people as wish to subdue the Europeans. It's strange that it's all going on at the same time.
Who are these people, hellbent on domination? Who has the ambition to ultimately hold all the power? Many have suggested a conspiracy based on the Bilderberg group although to me it seems to behave like a cloud of starlings swirling in different formations with everchanging personnel. Others say that only an entity as wealthy as the Holy Roman Catholic Church, on their own or collaborating with others, could make a difference. Then, of course, there are the aliens! Whoever they are, they are out there plotting and the consequences, as we have already seen, are unlikely to be good news for the ordinary man in the street.

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