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Thursday 1 December 2011

Television programming

Has anyone else noticed that evening television programmes at the moment are becoming more like daytime programmes in that they require an IQ of a goldfish to enjoy or appreciate. At the moment I'm struggling to find something watchable besides University Challenge.

Come on television companies! Lack of cash or advertising revenue shouldn't mean that we have to put up with pap. Half the problem is that programmes are introduced or presented by people who although photogenic are frankly pathetic. Let's end the celebrity (but brainless) culture and introduce the idea that educated people are the real models by putting brains before bosoms and become realistic about remuneration of so called 'stars'. Don't dumb down but aim to educate and inform the viewers with programs that stretch the mind and broaden horizons.

Oh! And by the way I'm sick of natural history programs about apes.

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