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Friday 2 December 2011

The Clarkson 5000

Never mind what TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson said, who were the five thousand idiots that complained to the BBC? I think we ought to know who they are and who or what they represent. Of course Clarkson didn't want to see public executions for strikers but he was putting into words that were unequivocal what millions of other people were thinking; that the civil service strikers were out of order to hold the country to ransom when the private sector is suffering so much more in the recession. The Union leaders are in fact blackmailing the country by insisting that unless the excellent offer made by the Government is increased to unaffordable levels they will bring chaos to the administration of the country. All this on a vote of just 30-40% of the workforce. You can see a political element at work here that wouldn't have been seen if the Socialists were in power.
It is time to curb the power of the Unions yet further and make individuals responsible for their own destiny. Withholding of Labour should not be acceptible without a corresponding employers right to withhold a job. Furthermore, going on strike should be seen as a breech of a person's employment contract and make them liable to instant dismissal, especially if their going on strike leads to others, innocents, being adversely effected such as working parents when schools were closed.

As Clarkson, so rightly pointed out, if a person doesn't like the terms of his employment he or she has the right to resign and seek more favourable employment elsewhere. It's not difficult, is it, but self determination appears to be an alien concept to at least five thousand people.

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