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Thursday 10 September 2015

Syrian Diaspora

David Cameron has said that the UK will take 20,000 refugees, mostly Syrian, from the camps in the Lebanon and Jordan, over the next five years. This is quite a generous offer bearing in mind that the Country cannot house its own population let alone add to the burden; so too, with the provision of health care and education. Cameron's move will ensure that the refugees chosen will be mainly non- Muslim families and therefore more likely to integrate and embrace UK values.
It seems that Cameron has been affected by the heartbreaking images of a young boy being washed ashore on a beach but it must be remembered that his job, whilst exhibiting compassion where possible, must focus principally on the interests of the realm and people of the United Kingdom.

Yet there are calls from those, mainly but not exclusively, on the left saying this is not enough, the UK should take more, especially those, mostly young men, who have already crossed to Europe. I suppose that they do so in the hope that these people will eventually vote for the Socialists; no matter that they are from an alien culture, rich with a Tribal history of fomenting trouble wherever they go. But hey; what does it matter that the Country suffers as long as the Labour Party and SNP garner more votes. Bring them all in including those that want to visit Jihad on the citizens of the UK, adapting the diaspora like a Trojan Horse to inveigle themselves into the country for their evil purposes.

Many of the immigrants who have made their own way to Europe are heading for Germany. The Chancellor, Murkle, has said that her Country will accept 800,000 refugees but why do the mainly Syrians want to go there when most don't speak the language. Could it be that they believe that the German nation, seventy years after the defeat of Hitler, still harbours a degree of anti-semitic sentiment and that the Muslim enemy's (Israel) enemy is therefore their friend!

Two young British men have been killed by a drone in Syria leading to some, including Parliamentarians, suggesting they were murdered. There was evidence that both men had been engaged in anti-British plots to bring widespread terror to the 'sceptred' isles. They were traitors and the penalty for treachery is still, I believe, the death penalty.

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