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Friday 18 September 2015

Scottish independence-a bore

You can hear it in David Cameron's voice when he answers questions on Scottish devolvement; the whole question of Scottish independence, one year on from the vote has become a bore. With the collapse of the oil price, it is widely felt that Caledonia would now be bankrupt but Sturgeon and Salmond still drone on that the English are selling their countrymen short despite receiving more per capita in subsidies. There is even talk of another referendum but I wonder what the ordinary man in the streets of Glasgow thinks. Isn't he fed up with all this posturing too?
The Prime Minister might hold back his PMQs attack on the new Labour leader because he is too easy a target to hit and instead turn his attention on the SNP leader, Robertson. It's over to the people of Scotland. If you're tired of this charade, tell your political representatives to stop this costly and damaging campaign; reassert your commitment to the Union and let's get on to make the UK prosperous for all the peoples.

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