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Monday 31 May 2021

Shameless hypocrisy of the Churches

Yesterday (30th May 2021) we learnt that the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson married the mother of his child, Carrie Symonds.

The couple were married in the Roman Catholic, Westminster Cathedral despite Johnson having been a divorcee twice over, contrary to Catholic canon. It seems that the Church can ignore the previous marriages because they were conducted in an Anglican service and therefore null and void. It is as if these previous marriages, contracted in the eyes of God before witnesses never happened. That somehow the God of Abraham, the same God worshiped by Roman Catholics, didn't also bless these unions.

It's  also a bit duplicitous of the PM to seek this accommodation when he is a sworn servant of the crown, her Majesty, having been annointed Queen in the sight of the same God, so casually dismissed. 

It seems one can pick and choose what aspects of ones faith to follow as circumstance demands making a mockery of religion. Islam cannot escape the same accusation with its multiple interpretations and factions creating schisms amongst its supporters.It's no wonder that a greater number of people are abandoning organised religions as they realise what a great fraud they are.

Having made manifest your disdain for the Churches, make a start, Boris. Kick the Bishops out of the House of Lords.

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