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Friday 28 May 2021

Sackcloth and Ashes

 The UK government can't do good for doing evil over the Covid epidemic. As the date, 21st June, approaches there is widespread appeals for a delay because of the spread of the 'India' variant. Despite following scientific advice 127,000 people have died and the Labour Party have been keen to link the 'loved ones' of the deceased to an enquiry into 'hoped for' uncovering of malfeasance by the Tories. It's almost as if Labour would like the Government to wear sackcloth and ashes in mourning the dead, a penance for 'failing' the bereaved. In fact, it seems, the more dead, the better.

What is rarely pointed out is that the Government have a difficult balancing act to manage. It's not only control of the disease. Perpetual lockdown might help control the epidemic but it will ruin the nation's economy. It's no good having in a year's time a perfectly healthy community if there are no jobs, no businesses to go to. Boris Johnson knows this and in setting out his 'road map' has made a critical judgement based on the best advice available. 

It's strange that there is no clamour for an enquiry into deaths due to motor accidents from the Labour Party. No appeal for an enquiry to appease the bereaved  'loved ones' because of motor traffic incidents despite the numbers being comparable to those due to Covid. There is no demand for the banning of cars as a danger to life or for the Minister of Transport to wear sackcloth and ashes out of respect.

Why does the opposition parties feel the need to snipe at every move made by the Government, usually based on hindsight? Could it be that new Labour leader, Starmer, needs to be seen to be active? He could do worse than support the Government during this crisis instead of trying to make political capital out of every setback.

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