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Wednesday 19 May 2021

Penny Mordaunt - Don't you just love her?

 Following an exchange over the dispatch boxes in the commons, Penny Mordaunt, Paymaster General and MP for Portsmouth North demonstrated the gulf in class and intelligence between her and her Majesty's opposition.

Angela Rayner, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of  Lancaster, demanded an urgent question in the Commons hoping to paint a picture of Tory sleaze and cronyism. Michael Gove should have replied but in his absence Penny rose to deliver as measured a put down as many have seen, calm, ordered, precise and so damaging in its poignant targeting, Rayner had to resort to her mask to cover up her embarrassment. Priceless!

It is this gulf in intelligence that marks out the Conservatives as more likely to govern the people well a view currently shared by the electorate.

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