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Monday 24 February 2014

Chemin Neuf

I see that at Lambeth Palace, the Anglicans are dabbling at seeking rapprochement with those of different faiths or none by embracing the Chemin Neuf movement. See here

An inaugural service attended by the founder of Chemin Neuf, Fr. Laurent Fabre was led by Justin Welsby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Chemin Neuf movement seeks to bring people to a closer understanding of God through spiritual awakening, using the practices of Ignatius of Loyola, mainly prayer and meditation.

I have high hopes of this Archbishop; an engineer, I thought he would bring to the post a pragmatism missing in his predecessors who seemed to be befuddled by the complex world we now live in and unable to cope with the many conflictions that occur when mendaciousness starts to creep up on one. In my book, 'Spiritual Man' I conclude that man needs to ditch the divisive God that rents the earth with his ambiguous messages and embrace the miracle that is mankind. I further suggest that praying be abandoned as useless and that the Churches get together to further the beneficial message of the prophets and disciples, to unite in a spirit of good fellowship and co-operative advancement of the people they seek to serve. That there is some inclination to unite the Christian Churches is a start and I welcome the experiment but one can see the problems when the Catholic witness refuses to celebrate the Anglican Eucharist preferring instead to walk to the Catholic Westminster Cathedral.

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