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Saturday 8 February 2014

Second Coming 2

In a previous blog I proposed that Jesus' personality was inherited from a character from thirty-five generations earlier, the Patriarch Enoch who famously did not die but was taken up to 'heaven' by God.
The mechanism by which this inheritance occurs is due to the embryonic brain of an infant using 'negative' time (see my book: SPIRITUAL MAN; an Introduction to Negative Dimensions) to randomly select from the DNA of its parents a historical 'personality' in the bloodline.
The process, I suggest, is similar to that of 'memes' proposed by Professor Richard Dawkins. Although the 'personality' of an antecedent is adopted by the infant, after birth the culture of the day will modify and adapt the character observed. As an example we may consider a bad man as an ancestor, known as a bully and perhaps a wife-beater or murderer. Some generations later his personality is randomly selected for a descendant born at the time of war. This same personality may give rise to a belligerence that motivates the man to single handedly destroy an enemy machine gun site saving countless lives, earning him a Victoria Cross and his becoming a hero. However when this 'personality' is next selected, the child may grow up to channel the inherent violence into becoming a serial killer.
The main point to be derived from this exercise is that the Buddha's idea of continual improvement in character from generation to generation until the stage of enlightenment is achieved cannot happen because, in essence, a 'personality' doesn't truly change; only one's perception of it in the circumstances or environment of the time.

Going back to my earlier point, if what I say is true then there is another religious character that may have inherited the qualities of Enoch; another descendent. This time the line passes not from the Patriach Abraham to Isaac but to his elder son Ishmael. Could it be that the Prophet Muhammad also has the 'personality' of Enoch, thought by many to be equated with the Qu'ranic  figure of Idris, also revered for his piety.
If this is true it begs the question of when shall we see the next person to bear the character of Enoch?

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