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Friday 14 February 2014

Climate Change- the debate

The truly awful flooding of the UK has given the Greens the opportunity to voice once again their mantra concerning Climate Change. The thing is, I don't know to what they are referring. The argument has become somewhat blurred over the years and we need to be told exactly what their beef is!
Are they merely saying that the Climate is changing, a statement that surely nobody doubts because weather patterns have been known to swing over the centuries or do they mean something else? Are they in fact saying that Climate change is due in part or more because of mankind's insistence  on burning fossil fuels and we should stop it?
Really! They should get off their high horses and listen. Listen to those who claim that the sum total of humankind's output of toxic gases is insignificant to that caused by natural forces such as volcanoes. At any one time they are said to be 250 active volcanoes on the planet, each spewing out more greenhouse gases than humans ever could. Then we must remember it is not only humans who contribute to the toxic atmosphere; we must take into account all those herbivores who introduce industrial quantities of methane into the air we breathe.
following the advice of the Greens and their manic demands for emission controls and various protocols add billions to the cost of living and give the Governments of the world the excuse to levy more and more taxes. The world warms and cools in cycles according to a scheme based on physics. We mustn't listen to those who prey on the fears of those more vulnerable to push their own agenda in the same way that witch doctors of old frightened the villagers into doing their bidding.

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