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Thursday 24 January 2019


Qualia are those perceptions of the brain that hitherto have defied explanation such as colour, taste etc. Is one's seense of the colour red the same as another's, a subjective sensory experience?
The Davies Hypothesis suggests that consciousness is the state of mind induced in, typically, a brain working in the three dimensions of time equating to the past, present and future.
'Real' time working, the present, continuously monitors, (normally, during waking hours), the senses giving understanding of one's environment and circumstances. 'Unreal' time, the past, working gives access to the brain's database via memory. This gives us knowledge. The 'Imaginary' time working of the brain, responsible for dreaming, appreciation of art, discernment of the abstract, etc, collates the information allowing resolution, decision making giving rise to wisdom.
When one sees the colour red, for instance, the eyes respond in real time and send a message to the brain. At the same instant, unreal time examines the database and recalls the name for that colour and passes it to the brain. The association of the colour with the name has been reinforced by the constant repetition of the association through many generations because each person inherits the character including memory of a forbear who in turn inherited a character. At every level, the association of the colour with its name, red, rouge, rojo etc goes right back to the beginning of conscious life. one can therfore be confident in asserting that we all perceive the same colour.

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