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Thursday 31 January 2019

Scottish Nationalist desperation

The rant by Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, in the House of Commons on Tuesday, demonstrated their desperation and despair at the progress towards Brexit at the end of March. The refrain, that the Scottish voters didn't vote for Brexit has been voiced many times but as for London the Country as a whole voted and it is this vote that Mrs May's government is determined to implement.
The SNP's principal aim is to secure secession from the United Kingdom and then to seek membership of the European Union. If they were to succeed in this there will have to be a border between Scotland and England, presumably following the line of Hadrian's Wall. I suggest that the Scottish people will have no appetite for such an impediment, nor will business who export over 70% of their goods to the rest of the UK.
Ian Blackford's unfortunate outburst against Brexit and the Conservative party is a manifestation of the desperation the SNP feel that after Brexit, their hopes of an independent Scottish Nation are dead in the water.

Is it not ironic, that whilst the Irish Republic are doing everything they can to maintain NO border with Ulster, the Scottish Nationalists are promoting every effort to build one between Scotland and England.

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