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Tuesday 8 January 2019

Belgium outlaws Halal and Kosher slaughter of animals

Belgium has outlawed the slaughter of animals without prior stunning including halall and kosher meat. The UK must put political correctness to one side and follow suit. This news emerged on the day an eighteen year old woman was pleading with the Thai authorities to not send her back to her family in Kuwait, fearing they would kill her under the apostasy rules of Islam. She had hoped to reach Australia and ask for asylum.
These acts follow on from news that the Chinese authorities had closed at least three mosques for alleged subversive activities, undermining the state policy on religious education. The Burmeses authorities seem to have recognised the threat to order posed by the Rohingya Muslims and encouraged them to migrate to Bangladesh.
This global response to the threat coming from Islam follows years of religious conflict in the Middle East and the proselysation ambition of al Quaeda and Isis. It should be remembered that this is a continuation of a policy instigated from the beginning by followers of the religion. Ask the Spanish! The invading Islamicists were only halted in France from militarily taking over all of Europe whilst the Moguls were forcibly subjugating Asia.
But not all Muslims are a threat I hear you say,  This is, of course, true but one must also remember that not all Germans were evil in the second world war but that did not stop the allies from bombing them into submission. The evil was the regime and we should bear this in mind.

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