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Friday 2 September 2011

Dale Farm evictions

An illegal travellers' camp is to be bulldozed after an appeal by the residents failed in the High Court. Did they pay for this action themselves or did they have legal aid to pay for the exhorbitant charges of the barristers and the legal profession? Even if the travellers paid for their own counsel (With cash from a huge wad of used twenties), the long suffering ratepayers will foot the bill for their Council's costs, like they have for all the other hearings.
How did it take ten years to come to this? Why did the council allow it to go on for so long?
Another Council with weak management that is profligate with the public's money including the highly inflated salaries of those at the top.
A Council spokesperson will no doubt tell you that they need to pay the Chief Executive a huge salary to attract the right calibre of candidate. Oh yes! The right calibre to lead to this mess. One that is going to cost the ratepayers plenty. I bet the Chief Executive doesn't live next door to this site and I also bet there is no direct telephone line to him if you want to make a complaint. He will be protected from the public he is meant to serve by a posse of hard faced personal assistants that serve to keep track of his invitations to golf days out with other Chief Execs, masquerading as Council business.

This matter should have been dealt with years ago. peoples lives are blighted by these travellers who live as much as possible outside the system, often spending the summer in the England before returning to Ireland for the winter. They operate in a cash world that bypasses the tax system but will take advantage of the free health care. The police rarely venture into these camps because they know that they risk either violent confrontation or condemnation by the Human Rights brigade. Their neighbours have no choice in the matter. Their lives are often blighted with local crime such as break-ins and the filth that the travellers' attract in the course of their 'business'. Those people who live next door to Dale Farm are trapped. as they cannot move because they cannot sell their properties. This, as in so many matters these days, demonstrates that Cameron is a man not fit to lead the Nation. His twisted values seem more akin to the last Socialist administration than to a Conservatism that puts the hard working, law abiding citizens of the UK first. While he pays heed to minority interests, he is neglecting his duties to the Majority; those who pay the bills and are the foundation of what used to be great country. I hope that Cameron and for that matter his right hand man, Hague, get a lot of aggravation at this year's Party Conference. Their vision for the Country seems at odds with what the people of the UK actually want.

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