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Friday 30 March 2012

Respect Party

The Respect Party of ex Labour Party member, George Galloway, has won the Bradford West by-election by a huge majority, crushing the official Labour candidate by over ten thousand votes. The other Parties were distant also-rans.
Galloway seems to have won this contest by mobilising the Muslim youth, particularly those with connections with Pakistan, by stressing his previous opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his previous Pakistani honours and his adherence to some Muslim culture. That he seems to have won the confidence of local Imams seems evident by the huge turnout in his favour. The question is: was he right to do it? Surely the point of elections in the UK is to elect the Party that will do more for the electorate of that particular seat. It seems that Galloway won his seat with a manifesto that owed more to promises on foreign affairs and addressing the concerns of the Afghanistan Taliban rather than the people of Bradford.
Now he is back in Westminster, will he be obliged to promote the interests of his Muslim constituents at all times. What if there is conflict with the white community and how will he peacefully reconcile differences?

I believe that the sweet talking Galloway is going to rock the boat and he doesn't care who is going to go overboard in his determination to hit back at the Party that expelled him under Tony Blair. Sadly, amongst those to lose in this one-man's vindictive resolve to seek revenge for the slight, are going to be the indigenous white population who will find themselves disenfranchised in the new Muslim dominated North Midlands. I wonder if this election will mark the beginning of a huge exodus of the non Muslim population of the region and will it lead to widespread civil unrest as the East meets West in a devastating conflict of cultures.

A polite question.  If Allah is so great, why have so many Muslims quit Pakistan and settled in Christian Britain? Why?

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