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Saturday 31 March 2012


When Cameron came to power we had high hopes that even shackled to the Lib-Dems he could change the Country for the better after thirteen years of disgraceful Socialism.
Since then he has made little impact on the major problems facing the country. When looking at these problems we must bear in mind that as Prime Minister he must put the welfare of the British nation FIRST and foremost. Nobody else.
He promised a referendum on Europe and renaged on that. British Nation first. We were promised that legislation passed by the Socialists would be immediately repealed and a new vote on hunting. Nothing. British Nation first. We were promised action on the European Court of Human Rights. Nothing, and people are still taking liberties with British goodwill and friendliness to subvert the traditional way of life. British Nation first.
Whilst the British at home are struggling he is ring-fencing foreign aid to countries such as India and China in the mistaken belief that this somehow is good for Britain. Despite his protestations most of this aid finishes up in the Swiss bank accounts of despots. British Nation first.

Power. If he is not careful the lights will go out over the UK. Private companies are queuing up to stop investing in the Country's power generation. He will leave us at the mercy of the Russian gas suppliers. He needs to pump public money into a new generation of power stations and resurrect Britains long lost lead in Nuclear technology. Technology the country can export globally. Harwell were once world leaders; they can be again. British Nation first.

Defense:  The MOD has failed the armed forces with poor decision making in line with their ridiculous bonuses. Who instigated bonuses for Civil Servants in the Ministry of Defence. They want shooting. Aircraft carriers ordered and no money for planes to equip them. The country is a laughing stock. Royal Ordnance Factories closed as the UK's arms are imported from abroad. How can we build an industry where we once dominated if we buy from abroad? British Nation first.

Home Office. The latest election results from Bradford is a watershed. Soon there will be no chance to curb the spread of Islamic culture through huge swathes of the British isles. Those already in the country must be told to integrate or leave. The border agency must put a total stop to uncontrolled immigration even if this is seen as upsetting peoples human rights. They must be told that they can fulfill their human rights need by staying at home. Repatriation to their native country of those who will not speak the language should be encouraged. British Nation first.

Transport:  Britain should plan ahead for an all electric track and pod transport system that would be a world leader. We should be pioneering the new systems that can be exported world-wide. British Nation first.

Education: Michael Goves to continue his good work. The National Union of teachers must not be allowed to stand in the way of upgrading the education of children in the most appropriate way including the promotion of 'elite' students. The one size fits all ideology does not work. Bring back Grammar Schools and kick Marxism out of the schools. British Nation first.

The list could go on. Cameron is a good speaker in Parliament but the Nation needs more. It needs someone to restore, besides prosperity a Pride in what the British people have done before, our history and achievements and what we should stand for today. British Nation first.

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