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Thursday 1 March 2012

BBC Drama-Submissions

I have just received a rejection letter from the BBC. I've had rejection letters before from literary agencies but I was particularly sad on receiving this one. it was a standard letter explaining that they received so many submissions they could only assess a work on the first ten pages and in my instance, they were not sufficiently impressed.
But why was I particularly saddened by this refusal? I have read many previous screenplays displayed on the BBC web site that have left me wondering on their particular merit. What is it that has captured the reviewers interest in these works? Why is it that these works excite but mine doesn't? It is necessarily a subjective science but I did notice that nearly all the scripts shown were post watershed dramas, not suitable for family viewing. Recently the BBC has shown a gripping drama, 'Inside Men'. I watched and enjoyed it but it was hardly a programme to watch with the children. When, therefore, I submit a 'feel-good' drama for all the family to watch at Christmas, a programme that features the three Magi submitting their gifts in an edition of the renown BBC programme, 'Antiques Roadshow', I thought that it might merit more than the ten page scrutiny, particularly since in these austere times it might be inexpensive to make.
I know that the BBC writersroom receive thousands of scripts a month, but I would like them to be more honest about the selection process. Is it the case that most commissioned dramas are from writers already with the BBC and that the chances of having a work accepted are so infinitesimally small as to verge on the impossible?

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