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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Faulty goods and services

If you buy goods or services that later turn out to be faulty, you would normally return to the vendor and make a complaint. It's normal and perfectly legitimate.
Except, that is, if you buy into religious services. If, when you returned to the shop responsible, you found the shopkeeper out or the premises closed down, you might reasonably expect that you have been duped by conmen or fraudsters.
This is pretty much the situation we have now with all the Abrahamic religions, especially today with Islam in the Middle East. Poor (not necessarily destitute) people, especially the vulnerable, have bought into this concept and have discovered that it doesn't deliver any of the benefits.  Yet, when they seek Allah for help he doesn't listen to their prayers. He is absent. Ask any Egyptian or syrian if he can see any sign of Allah as tens of thousands of innocent women and children are slaughtered!
IT CAN NEVER BE THE TRUTH THAT HEAVEN AWAITS WHILE YOU MUST GO THROUGH HELL ON EARTH. That is not a believable scenario for a covenant between God and the people.
I'm convinced that the Abrahamic religions are a con. I'm also coming to the conclusion that the last Pope thought so, too, unusually abdicating his post, because he could no longer, in the wake of the child abuse by priests affair, perpetuate the myths. I shall read his final works with interest, because he was a learned man who had access to much written material in the Vatican archives; more than enough to stifle the claims of the priesthood to legitimacy.

What to do about it? To start with, close down all the churches, synagogues and mosques and ban public religious services. Allow the people to follow their faiths in the privacy of their own homes. Second step; reopen churches, synagogues and mosques as museums dedicated to the spirituality of man, honouring such as Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Mary, and Mohammed for their humanity.

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