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Thursday 25 July 2013

Church of England v Wonga

I was cheered, today, to hear that the Church of England is going to use its power to help people in a pragmatic way by supporting an alternative to 'Pay-day' loan companies. About time too!
Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welsby, has announced that he wants to put Wonga, the largest such lender, out of business. He should be applauded and given every encouragement to supply real help to people rather than the usual mythological mumbo-jumbo his people usually come out with.

The Church will not offer cash but will, instead, offer the use of Church premises to house what are called 'Credit Unions'. These non-profit organisations typically offer short term loans with a typical APR of 50% compared with the 5000% of the pay day loan companies.
The move might encourage people of all persuasions or none to go into a church and feel the therapeutic and calming atmosphere to be found in a house that ought to glorify the best of mankind including its saints and prophets.

This may be the first sign that those at the top are beginning to recognise that the old style of Capitalism has run its course. I don't yet know the answer but the polarisation of wealth has reached a point at which social unrest is, to my mind, on the point of boiling over in many parts of the world. Strangely, I have faith in the new Archbishop of Canterbury. I feel that he will do good and the way in which he does it may surprise many in his Church.

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