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Wednesday 2 September 2020

Legal aid stupidity

 The case of  policeman Andrew Harper highlights, yet again, how stupid the UK legal system can be at times. A policeman dies, three men admit responsibility and yet the lawyers for the defence still claim £465,000 in tax payers money. How the hell can they run up such a bill. It was bad enough that the men could get away with a charge of manslaughter instead of murder but wouldn't it be better if the money, instead of defending the indefensible was given to the widow of the victim. Now, it transpires that these lawyers are having another dig in the trough by contesting the severity of the sentence already the subject of an appeal by the prosecution on the grounds of leniency.

It's time that the legal aid system was overhauled to give better value for money for the taxpayer but with so many lawyers in parliament one shouldn't hold your breath.

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