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Friday 25 July 2014

Let me get this straight.

Despite numerous attempts to promote a cease fire, the ruling Hamas group in Gaza continue to attack the unprotected citizens of Israel and ignore the growing casualty list of Palestinians. Over thirty Israelis have been killed but over 700 Palestinian, mostly women and children, have perished in an Israeli counter attack against an enemy well entrenched in schools and mosques. Why?
In a phrase; Hamas has nothing to lose by defying logic and watching their people lose everything.
They argue that before agreeing to a ceasefire they need assurances for the future.
They want an end to the embargo on imports to Gaza.  Presumably so that they can import more weapons to attack Israel.
They want the border with Egypt opened. Presumably to expedite the movement of weapons with which to attack Israel.
They want better access to the West Bank. Presumably to negate the need to dig expensive tunnels with which to prosecute their attack on defenceless Jews.
Can you point to a single measure taken by Hamas that promotes a better standard of life for the citizens of Gaza?
On the other hand the Israeli side need to understand that they cannot continue to oppress these people and build townships on disputed land. Of all people the Israeli people should understand the consequence of persecuting a race.

For humanity's sake, stop this nonsense; this self destructive race to oblivion. You are all peoples of the Middle East. Abandon the politics of hate and embrace the hope of reconciliation. You can do it. You must do it.

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