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Thursday 24 July 2014

Democracy in action

Readers of my Blog will know that I am no fan of a democracy where the lemmings are allowed to vote in the Lemming Party despite it bringing the UK to its financial knees twice in the last fifty years.

We have here another example of Democracy in action.

You could be forgiven for thinking this mass brawl was a public disorder but it was in fact the Ukranian parliament in session after approving the sending of more troops to the East to face pro Russian rebels. Meanwhile we see no such uncivilized behaviour in the Russian governmental system, where total subjugation to Putin seems to be in place. Here there are no costly debates about future policy, no very costly public enquiries into government decisions and no very very costly questioning of the Leader's handling of Russian affairs. The perceived Russian national interest comes first, second and third. Contrast this with Europe's response to the Ukranian problem where each so called Democratic Country is trying to appear part of the whole whilst fiercely protecting their own National interest. Could it be that what we are witnessing in the Ukranian parliament today will be played out, perhaps not so aggressively, over the next months in Brussels as the EU begins to fragment amongst accusations of hypocrisy and betrayal and the unelected President, Juncker, comes under greater scrutiny.

I suggest that the West needs true National leaders, backed by a peoples Assembly,  unfettered by:
 i. notions of an unrealistic democracy where the ignorant and selfish determine policy and
ii. religious dogma where zealots, despite current wisdom, peddle their perverse ideology.

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