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Saturday 6 February 2016

Derivation of Character

Two stories in the press about unexpected behaviour caught my eye this week. The first concerned Jack Letts, the son of an Oxfordshire organic farmer and baker.

The second concerned the son, Jake Petty, of a Church of England minister.

The interesting connection is that both men, although ostensibly well balanced Englishmen, expressed an interest in learning Arabic before fleeing to a Near East war zone. Why? What was it in their brain that compelled them to join the jihadists?
The answer may well lie in my theory explaining the origin of 'character' and the mechanism by which Nature endows a person. see my Youtube talk: The Davies Hypothesis

Letts' father had been born in Canada but it is documented that in the 1870s many Arabs made their way to that Country. In England there has been an Arab presence since the Cornish set up trade with the 'Spanish' Caliphate of Cordoba; perhaps earlier. Could it be that both young men had Arab genes in their ancestry and both inherited the character of an Arabic speaking forefather. It would explain why they wanted to learn Arabic, a language they would find easy to master because they already knew it, albeit deep in their psyche.
It is, of course, almost impossible to prove the connection and therefore my theory since it would also need to be shown that their birthdays coincided, but it does offer a potential solution to the questions we posed.

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