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Sunday 9 July 2017

Has Trump laid the groundwork for action in the Korean peninsular?

The recent G20 meeting has given President Trump ample opportunity to lay the groundwork for dealing with North Korea. Could he have spoken with the Russian and Chinese leaders, securing their approval for US action against a loose cannon state that threatens world stability. The longer no action is taken the more certain that North Korea's nuclear capability is enhanced.
Trump's problem has been essentially two fold. Were he to take unilateral action using convention bunker busting armaments against Kim Jong-Un's silos, whilst simultaneously targetting the leader himself, he is taking a gamble on whether or not the Dictator has a capable nuclear arsenal. If he has it wrong a nuclear retaliation will follow which brings us to the second of Trump's dilemmas. The Country most likely suffer will be the heavily populated state of South Korea. Has Trump spoken with the president of South Korea, Moon, Jae-In and what would be his response?
Another aspect is the North Korean army. Have steps been taken to infiltrate high command so that in the event of Kim Jong-un's demise, the North Korean army will remain in its barracks? I wouldn't be surprised. Nor would I be surprised if other aspects of North Korean command are in a state of readiness and expect something to happen  soon.
Trump has had the ear of Putin and Xi Jinping; what words of wisdom did they have for him?

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