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Thursday 6 July 2017

Swearing in pubs

Humphrey Smith who owns the Samuel Smith chain of bars has banned swearing
The pub boss reportedly sacked two managers who allowed sweaing in the bar
Smith, who is in his 70s makes unannounced visits to his bars to check them out
By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

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Quite right too. It is my experience that banning excessive swearing in pubs leads to a better and more diverse customer base. My wife and I took over a pub wehere using the 'f' word in every two uttered seemed obligatory. Immediately after imposing the ban we found the atmosphere lightened and customers were more likely to bring female associates and friends. Those, mainly men, who objected were asked if they swore at home or in front of their wives or mothers? Their answer was invariably no; nor could they reason why they felt compelled to swear under our roof but not theirs. It's a macho and objectionable practice we concluded, best kept out of pubs as Mr Humphrey Smith quite obviously concurred.

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