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Wednesday 23 October 2019

UK General Election 2019

It is looking likely that the UK will hold a General Election before the end of the year. Parliament is effectively hogtied, unable to resolve the Brexit impasse with a Government struggling to implement its policies.
Johnson seems to have a good lead in the polls but so did Mrs May at the time of the last GE. What is different this time? The determination of a Labour Party making a last ditch effort to impose an unreformed, unapologetic Socialist agenda on a Country tired of politics. Their main target is the young, the minorities particularly the Muslim community and the otherwise disaffected. Because the traditional demographic has changed, I suggest there is a feeling amongst the Labour Party chiefs that it is now or never or 'do or die' for their cause; the politics of envy. Take from those who have and hand it over to those who haven't; the old story of Robin Hood. Picture Jeremy Corbyn in Lincoln green, a feather in his cap, alongside his Maid Marion in the guise of Diane Abbott.
Because of this imperative, I suggest that this will become the most vitriolic GE in recent times, stirred up by a momentum group dedicated to imposing their will by force where necessary. Vilification of all other parties by social media will be widespread and unprecedented. Widespread voter fraud, especially postal voting, plus bullying at booths will be seen.
Here is a reminder of what we can expect with a Jeremy Corbyn government.

A Jeremy Corbyn government can be summarised as follows:
The politics of Cuba,
The economics of Venezuela,
The military capability of Switzerland,
The foreign policy of Hamas and Hezbollah,
The industrial policy of Orgreave, complete with flying pickets.

Business and Capital will flee the Country leading to lack of investment and the decline of commercial UK. It will result in loss of revenue leading to a decline in all services including the NHS.

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