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Saturday 14 December 2019

Who, now, votes Labour?

The recent election seems to me to demonstrate a new demographic for Labour Party voters. Their traditional support of working class folk in the north have deserted, in droves, the extreme left wing, Marxist ideology of Jeremy Corbyn and John MacDonell. These voters, forsaking the tradition of their families find more comfort in the traditional, Nationalistic values of the Conservatives. So who are still voting for Labour?
The clue lies in the greatest concentration of Labour voters, London. I suggest that voting here exposes the core Labour vote lies in the ethnic minorities, immigrants, dependents on welfare handouts and the Muslim community. We can also add the naive young, those allowed to vote despite having done nothing and been nowhere and the ideologically driven old dinosaurs who insist, despite obvious proof to the contrary, that Socialism works. Ask the folk of Venezuela.
If this is correct then in future elections, the battle for power will not be left versus right but the indigenous natives and those newcomers who accede to the traditions and norms of the UK against those newcomers who want to change the Country to accommodate their wants and laws.
The new intake of MPs is being widely celebrated as being the most diverse ever with larger numbers of representatives of the minorities being elected. Readers of this blog will know that it is my argument that Members of Parliament should be a minimum of third generation immigrants. It cannot be right that people who have newly arrived in the Country sit in the legislature governing those whose families have resided in the UK's sceptred isles for thousands of years. What presumption!

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