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Tuesday 3 December 2019


Whilst the Labour Party defends itself against a charge of Antisemiticism, it counters by accusing the Conservatives of 'Islamophobia'.
As I understand it, 'Islamophobia' literally means, fear of Islam (not hatred of Muslims) and I would argue that it would be stupid not to fear Islam. The religion is the cause of most conflicts around the world since the second World War and responsible for the mass migration,today, of people in Burma, China and other places, including from the Middle East to Europe.
This fear of Islam is not helped by its adherents, Muslims, continuing to abide by its seventh century cult traditions, maintained by Mafia like institutions such as apostasy ( the only way out of the mafia was in a coffin) and blasphemy(omerta), both punishable by death.
Recent events at London Bridge and elsewhere demonstrate the need to be watchful of adherents to Islam, a religion capable of misinterpretation. It is true that the majority of Muslims are good people who want to bring up a family peacefully, living in harmony with their fellows but they must understand that their religion gives genuine cause for alarm.

Following the recent London Bridge atrocity there has been much speculation about the effectiveness of trying to rehabilitate jihadists, especially those who have committed and been found guilty of murder. Please, in these discussions, remember that there is no rehabilitation for the victims. No hope for the future. No justice whilst the perpetrators receive every encouragement to live.
The imam at the vigil should be praised for condemning the murderer and his actions as non Islamic.

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