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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Apsaras III. The Ranch

My sixth novel, Apsaras III. The Ranch has been completed and is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an ebook.

Following the discovery of two ancient tiles, the British Museum suggests that a third may exist. Jack Benson and his twin, Thai girls faces a race to recover the missing tile against powerful enemies anxious to protect their long held interests in the face of an imminent threat to the planet.
Meanwhile, there is trouble on Jack’s doorstep when they are asked to look into the workings of a private members club, ‘The Ranch’, thought to be employing trafficked girls and women. Jack’s intervention provokes an international response that brings him into conflict with ‘The Olympians’ a supremacist group bent on world domination.
As the Mayan ‘end’ date of Dec 20th 2012 approaches, Phailin prepares to represent Thailand in the Olympic games in London. Proficient in the art of taekwondo, she battles through many trials to reach the finals.
Apsaras III continues the eternal story of good and evil.

I have published this privately but would be interested to hear from a publisher who would like to look at my portfolio comprising, besides the six novels, a novelette and a book of non-fiction explaining a complete new hypothesis regarding the universe, its creation and evolution. The author believes he is the first person to quantify spiritual values.

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