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Wednesday 12 February 2020

Letter to the Transport Secretary

Dear Grant Shapps,
Your two biggest challenges are the future of the railways and the roll out of electric cars. If you were presented with a solution for both you would surely want to hear more! Yes: read on. No; ignore.
The current plans are to stop the sale of petrol and diesel driven cars at some arbitrary date in the future. The problem is you will still have vehicles occupying the roads; more vehicles vying for less space on ever more congested roads. Smart roads don't work and constructing more motorways is a doubtful political option.
You need a radical rethink and I believe the answer is not to electrify cars, buses etc but to electrify the roads. Within the existing road networks incorporate the electric networks that will bear the 'pods' to their destinations. People will engage the networks at a local hub, post the post code of their destination and sit back to be transported automatically by the best route. Payment will be exacted at this time depending on route and distance travelled.
Because people can hire a pod on demand it obviates the need for passenger trains, existing rail routes can be adapted along the same lines solely for freight.
There are side benefits. No drink driving problems. No need for transport policing. Ambulances can be automatically given priority.
For more information just ask.
Yours sincerely

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