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Friday 21 February 2020

Boris as Canute

Politically motivated people in flooded areas are bemoaning the absence of the Prime Minister suggesting that he is lacking 'empathy'.
Presumably they imagine that he has some Canute like gifts; the ability to turn back the floods whilst he hugs the sobbing families in their misery. The reality is that he will do a photo shoot, wading through water in wellies accompanied by the Lord High Lieutenant of whereever, the local MP or mayor, two securuty men and loads of press. How much better he stays where he is and puts in action the means to alleviate the pain these folk feel.
Not so that dosser aka the Leader of the Opposition who visited South Wales using every opportunity to blame the Government for all the ills of the world. I'm surprised that he hasn't laid the blame of coronavirus on Dominic Cummings.
LATE NEWS. I must apologise to all the dossers for liking them to the Leader of the Opposition.

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