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Saturday 7 March 2020

Is this what it's coming to?

Is this what it's coming to? With no natural predators the human race succumbs to viruses and a new world order does take over; an order with control of all the resources needed for life.
Without natural predators is it Nature's ultimate plan to restore population balance to the planet. It starts simply enough with a fairly average, flu-like virus with the capacity to mutate.
People, however, ignore the pleas for calm and start to panic, stocking up on tinned food, water and loo rolls for example.
As the death toll increases businesses start to panic and fail causing increasing unemployment. Government revenue drops and payments of pensions and benefits is threatened leading to more anxiety in the public. Theft becomes rife as people become more desperate to feed their families. The police become unable to cope with the number of misdemeanors and public disorder. Hospitals cannot take in all the casualties leaving people, mostly the elderly, to die at home. Funeral parlours cannot keep pace with the number of corpses and people unable to pay the costs begin to burn the bodies with wood. The police abandon all attempts to stop public burnings and wood is suddenly in great demand leading to theft and the emergence of gangs who begin to corner the supply.
Tensions rise between the ethnic communities, each accusing the other of manipulating the supply of essential goods and local skirmishes break out.
The Government announces a National Emergency but in the background those men and women with the contacts and resources are making their survival plans. This includes reserving land and the ensuring of continued supply of essentials by manipulation of the gangs through middle men. Plans are drawn up to evacuate the the Government to one of the new aircraft carriers. Also, because money and currencies will be of little use after the collapse of worldwide society, the nation's gold reserves is also moved to one of the aircraft carriers.
Meanwhile civil unrest is on the verge of civil war as the bodies stack up. Those vulnerable without access to their pensions succumb to hunger and disease. Typhoid and cholera epidemics add to the death toll taking many children. Hospitals allow the seriously ill to pass away without intervention. The Prime Minister appeals for calm but with the army seriously compromised with illness, is helpless to stop the Country falling into anarchy.
New vaccines eventually find their way on the market but nobody can pay for them. It is too late.

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