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Sunday 23 June 2019

The next British Prime Minister

The hustings have started allowing members of the Conservative & Unionist Party to choose their next leader and therefore the next Prime Minister.
This blog believes that Boris Johnson is the right man to succeed. Much has been made of his past and his private life. Commentators have trawled his past to expose previous mistakes and reversals forgetting that to err is to be human. Let us not forget that God supported David as King of his people despite being a man of many peccadilloes and Britain's greatest ever leader, Churchill, was, in some respect, no saint. The current widespread interest in a private spat with his girl friend is the business of no one else. Let the innocent cast the first stone.
The past has also exposed Johnson's ability to win the support of the people in elections. The reason, I believe is because he is a natural born leader. Other candidates have removed their ties and jackets to promote a 'matey', man of the people attitude during televised debates, for instance. This is all wrong; what is needed is not a man of the people, a grey, common, but decent person like John Major or Jeremy Hunt. What is required is someone above that status; a superman or woman who stands head and shoulders above the ordinary. In this respect an Etonian education promotes the exposure of these very special people. Hard work and sense of duty, as found in Mrs May, is not good enough; what is required is that touch of undefinable greatness  that allows the leader to see the big picture. Do not worry that he hasn't a grasp of the minutiae of every department; he has people to do that; allowing him to lead, to dictate the path ahead, which I suggest Johnson is well disposed to do.

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