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Tuesday 18 January 2011

Cosmic Hologram

Last night 17th Jan 2011, the BBC Horizon programme discussed reality and touched on the possibility of our living within a giant cosmic hologram.

For years, the scientists at the German GEO600 experimental facility have been baffled by an inexplicable “noise”. The GEO600 experiment is home to a detector that stretches for 600 metres which is supposed to detect gravitational waves – ripples in space-time thrown off by super-dense astronomical objects such as black holes and neutron stars. Since the birth of this experiment, none of these gravitational waves have been detected, instead, they MAY have made the most important discovery in physics for the past 50 years. It is postulated that this noise maybe the limit of coherent space-time, a graininess such as one experiences if one greatly magnifies an image in a newspaper, say.

The idea comes from an idea of Stephen Hawking that Black Holes will ultimate disappear by evaporation, taking with them all the information that has 'fallen' into them, contrary to the principle of the conservation of matter/energy. A scientist at Fermilab in the US, Leonard Susskind,  has suggested that maybe all the 'information' hasn't been lost but is somehow held at the 'event horizon', the point beyond which everything is captured by the Black Hole. This idea has been expanded so that all the information in our own universe is held at the edge and what we, humans, experience, is nothing less than the 3-D hologram of a two dimensional image.

As followers of my New Cosmology will know this is far too complicated. Science is the art of explaining nature, beautifully. Not with these far fetched ideas that may or may not be backed up by 5-D string theory and the rest. If it doesn't smell right, taste right, feel right then the chances are it isn't right.

Let's be clear here; information is not lost in black holes; it is passed from the part of the universe we experience and survive in, to the other part of the universal duality, composed of matter described by dimensions which include the square root of minus one.
I believe the 'noise' discovered in Germany may be emitted by complex objects that have a 'real' volume but complex dimensions and could be Dark matter/ Energy. (Assuming time to be positive, the object could have dimensions such as i, i, i^2.)

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