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Sunday 23 January 2011

B & B Guests- The rule of ten

I was sorry to hear about the couple, owners of a West Country B & B who refused to accommodate a gay couple who wanted to share a bed. A judge upheld a decision that they had broken a discrimination law. Gay people must be indulged at all costs.

As someone who has owned an hotel I find this ruling absurd. The abiding principle should be that, in any circumstance, a person, whether in business or not, should have the right to choose who they accommodate under their roof, without fear of litigation. Surely they have human rights as well?  Those disappointed by refusal can move on to make alternative arrangements. I mean why would any one want to stay where they were unwelcome?

Those arguing that the B & B owners got what they deserved have obviously no experience of working in the public domain, where it is virtually impossible to please all the people. I remember disappointing a lady with a dog. I insisted that apart from guide dogs we didnt permit dogs in our rooms. Although she said the dog would remain in her car overnight, I didn't believe her. I knew she would have smuggled the small dog in. You see, the public will lie and cheat to get what they want and we adopted the rule of ten in deciding who we could accommodate. Simply stated it is this: If you don't want ten of anything iunder your roof, ie dogs, pythons or drunks, don't have one.

These laws demonstrate that Government legislation is impinging more and more in the private affairs of the British people. The nanny state, in it's attempts to protect minority groups is telling the majority what views they can or cannot hold. It is becoming offensive.

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