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Friday 28 January 2011

Forestry sell off

I have nothing to say on the financial aspect of the sale by the Government of British woodland to private interests. As far as the British public are concerned, particularly the ramblers association, it is mostly worried about the lack of public access after the move. Am I the only person who thinks that the lack of public access, particularly to the intrusive ramblers, is a good thing?
I remember when I lived in Oxford there was much debate about allowing the public access to Wytham Woods, owned by Oxford University and their centre of ecological studies. To me, the idea of having an unspoilt tract of land, free from human intrusion, was marvellous and I hold that view today. There's enough open land for the greedy ramblers to walk on, for heaven's sake. Let's keep some land free for the flora and fauna to establish themselves without the pressures that humans introduce. A part of the country free from discarded crisp packets and soft drink cans: free of walkers and their poorly trained dogs: free of screaming children and all the other abominations that humans can visit on beautiful natural landscapes. Keep the buggers out; it should be enough for people to know that a piece of woodland is able to thrive in a natural tranquility where the only pressures come from the natural laws of survival.

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