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Saturday 5 February 2011

Adam Boulton interview with English Defence League

Yesterday I watched Adam Boulton of Sky News interview a leader of the English Defence League, EDL.
On several occasions, the EDL representative was forced to say: 'You're not listening' as Boulton constantly asked a banal question about reported minority chantings instead of the real issues. I have to say that the EDL man has a point when he says that gutless politicians are not debating and addressing the problems of Luton and other towns that are being overwhelmed with immigrants who want to introduce their own culture and values, especially Sharia Law. The EDL, said the representative, were obliged to fill the void in an attempt to force the issue in Westminster, even if it upset some Liberal sensibilities.
The truth is that with the UK's Democracy, there is no votes in confronting the Muslims. Any party which stands up for the indigenous, mainly white, population is immediately branded as fascist and can kiss the seat goodbye. It is another example of how Democracy fails the Nation. Decisions effecting the best interests of the Nation as a whole are therefore not being taken.

Today, the day of an EDL rally in the centre of Luton, it is reported that David Cameron is to admit that Multiculturalism has failed and urge the Muslim communities in particular to better embrace English values and culture. We shall see.

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