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Thursday 11 May 2017

GE2017. Update 2. Labour manifesto

The Labour manifesto for the 2017 General Election has been leaked. That it has a marked socialist agenda is no real surprise given Corbyn's pedigree but will it lead the Labour party into the political wildness for decades?
Principal measure is the nationalisation of the railways, the mail and the energy industry, an echo of the Brexit mantra of regaining control; the bringing back into public ownership of key, strategic industries that shouldn't be entrusted to private, including foreign, ownership. I have sympathy with the idea but at what cost? Apart from compensating the Companies, all the employees will become public servants with all the benefits that brings; guaranteed employment, generous, unaffordable pensions. Then they will be compelled to become unionised and therefore at the mercy of McCluskey's Unite agenda of strikes and industrial chaos. Indeed, as Labour's paymasters, the Government will dance to the Union's tune of previously failed Socialist dogma. It's the politics of envy, the lowering of all standards in the need to subjugate the population into the lowest state of social existence.
This program is illustrated by the call for better equality. Now, I'm not suggesting, that this is necessarily a bad thing; there are some circumstances in which bosses have earnings that bear no relationship to the work they do, but there must be room for ambition, building businesses that employ, creating prosperity for all with rewards for the risk takers. Banks must be better regulated for instance but at the first whiff of a Labour Government in the exit polls, trillions of pounds and dollars will drain from the British economy. All the big companies will relocate leaving the UK a shell. It's almost as if the Labour Party wants to lose. Somebody suggested that Corbyn is a Tory plant, much as I thought of Tony Benn, doing all he can to ensure victory for the opposition. I suppose, the only surprise is that even with this manifesto for disaster, twenty percent of the population will vote for the Lemming party.

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