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Friday 21 April 2017

The desperation stakes

The circumstances seem perfect, an election the outcome of which by general agreement is so one sided that Mrs May will win by a landslide. Or will she?
I remember being on a management course where a game was run to show the effects of impossible odds against success. Faced with certain and catastrophic defeat, people will resort to desperate measures to make the odds more favourable and I reckon we will see this in the UK's general Election of 2017. As an illustration, look at today's news concerning the bombing of the Borussia Dortmund team bus. It was perpetrated by a market trader who was desperate for the value of the shares in the football club to drop.
Already the practice of lying by omission is evident, Party spokesmen are ignoring questions from broadcasters they don't like; that is, both the broadcasters and the questions. That is normal but it will get worse, much worse. The Scottish National Party, who don't try to hide their disdain for the Conservative Party and the English in general, are reportedly trying to form an unholy alliance with the Greens, Labour Party and the Liberals in an anything but tory push. The electorate will be both bullied and sweetened in measures that paint a false picture of the competing claims pushing the boundaries of the acceptable with hyperbole and insinuation. Private eyes will be engaged, dustbins searched as Parties look for any story to embarrass the opposition. Sadly for the opposition, the Conservative favourites are headed by a churchgoing woman of unimpeachable character, hiding no skeletons in the closet. This makes it even harder for the others, leading to more extreme measures to disrupt the poll. In my classroom, one man, not in the leading team, smashed the fire alarm to end the contest. Watch out for dirty tricks in the coming six weeks; the stakes are very high both personally and nationally.

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