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Thursday 13 April 2017

Well! this is embarrassing

Well, this is becoming embarrassing. Mrs Greening, the UK education minister, was on television telling everyone what an evil man Assad was, reiterating exactly what Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, had said. Even the UK ambassador to the United Nations told the assembly that the Syrian President and his regime were evil; all this without one shred of proof. The UK has announced that scientists had shown that  a village had been attacked by a sarin or similar gas. Well whoopee, we knew that. (How much did that cost?) The question is: how did it get there? The Russians have asked for independent observers on the ground to establish the facts. Quite sensible you'd imagine but the arrogant Brits know better; it's Assad all right. The Russian delegate to the UN had to insist that the UK man 'look at him' whilst he was talking. It seems that the UK's arrogance doesn't just extend to the argument it descends into uncivil rudeness as well.
This unquestioning position of the UK is not only contrary to the norms of justice it flies in the face of common sense and shames us all. Establish the truth and then make judgements.

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