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Tuesday 2 April 2013

Open letter to Electorate of South Shields

With the defection of the member for South Shields, David Milliband, a by-election will be held to ritually send a Socialist to Westminster as you have done without fail for donkey's ages.
It won't matter to you, I suspect, that the Party you have returned to parliament have steadfastly failed the Nation in the name of the working class folk for decades. Indeed your last man was a member of the very Government that watched the decline of the country's economic well being, sent to their deaths, in a likely illegal war, young men doubtless from your ranks and oversaw the largest immigration of foreigners the Country has ever known, therby fuelling ghettoism. Perhaps you can take comfort that the welfare bill for the Country doubled under the Socialist governments of Blair and Brown but somebody has to pay for it and it wasn't the comfortably well off labour politicians. In fact now that he has no chance of becoming leader your ex MP is buggering off to a very well paid job in America, a post that I suspect very few of you in South Shields can ever aspire to. He's scuppered the ship and now he's quitting to leave you and us all in the deep doo-doo.
Now the labour Party are saying that it just isn't fair to tax the poor whilst giving tax breaks to the rich but this is rank hypocrisy from a group that has ably demonstrated that they cannot be trusted to run the country. Firstly, the spare room bill is not a tax but an attempt to reduce the burgeoning housing benefit bill the Socialists created by cutting entitlements to those who continue to occupy social housing that is too big for their needs whilst protecting those with special requirements.
Next. The Socialists are up in arms about the reduction in the top rate of income tax for high earners from 50% to 45%. I bet at their weekly surgeries they don't remind their supporters that for twelve of the thirteen years in office the top rate was just 40%. Talk of hypocrisy!!!
People of South Shields, do yourselves and the people of the United Kingdom a favour by reminding yourselves of how the last Socialist government ruined the Country and contemplate the unthinkable. You don't have to renage on the legacy of your forefathers by voting for the toffs but you might like to consider putting a torpedo in the ship of two party politics and vote for Nigel Farage's UKIP.
It's time to shake the complacent Westminster into changing the status quo and catapulting the Country into a new age, based not on the lowest denominators and reducing everyone to base level, as the Unions want, nor on the banking elite who know the price of everything but the value of nothing, amassing private fortunes at the expense of the most vulnerable. This current crisis should be the setting for a radical overhaul of how we live. People of South Shields, take this opportunity to tell the political world that you've had enough of politicians who are only in it for themselves; politicians that have done no proper work outside politics such as the current leaders of both main parties.

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