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Saturday 20 April 2013

Immoral earnings

Recent results show that the owners of online betting firm, Bet365, are the newest billionaires. Having amassed the fortune in only 13 years they follow closely on the heels of another rapidly expanding company, Wonga, the so called 'Payday loans' firm.

I'm not sure what is the saddest. That Britain's latest growth industries are to do with gambling and money lending or whether it is their products that are most in demand from british consumers.It surely tells us something about society today.

The last British, so called 'success' story was the nations 'Invisible earnings' industry which consisted of dodgy banking and insurance. It seems as if these days we can't make an honest buck and having abandoned much of our industry and technological superiority the Country have turned to practices that are the realm of spivs and loan sharks.

It won't be long before the Country's leaders will have to contend with running a state, known not as the sick man of Europe but known for living off immoral earnings.

What a mess!!

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