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Wednesday 23 February 2022

Post mortem brain activity

 A report in sky news,

reports that scientists have recorded brain activity in a man who had died from a heart attack. They suggest that the brain is showing a review of his life as it flashes before him. They had registered what are known as 'gamma' waves normally associated with dreaming. Could this be evidence of the proof of my hypothesis concerning the multi-dimensional nature of time?

In my you tube talk, part of a series explaining the DAVIES HYPOTHESIS:

I suggest that the brain functions after clinical death as the 'imaginary' time function continues, via dreams, to prepare the body for full and complete death. It fills the mind with images, typically of tunnels of white light, gardens, Jesus etc as told by those who have undergone a 'near-death experience'. 

The 'imaginary' time function is one of the three dimensions of time that give rise to consciousness in brains. for details please go to the video above or my inexpensive booklet: 'SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS

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