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Monday 28 February 2022

The DUMA. Collective name of cowards.

 Is the 'Duma' the collective name of a bunch of cowards?

It is clear that an end to the conflict in Ukraine will come from the death of Vladimir Putin, a paranoid psychopath who has Tsarist ambitions to restore the old Soviet Union. As more Russian women lose their sons and husbands on foreign soil the anger will rise, not only around the world, but also in Russia. But will their voices be heard in the toothless Russian Parliament, the collection of two hundred or so parliamentarians who nodded through Putin's plans, unchallenged. Who amongst them has the courage to speak out against this absurd military adventure? It will be dangerous; failure will result in certain death but someone has to stop this nonsense.

Putin's paranoia was there for all to see when he met his senior generals at either ends of a forty foot table. They said he was afraid of covid but more likely he was afraid of being apprehended at close quarters. I wouldn't be surprised if Putin's food is tested for poisons before he eats.

His threat of a nuclear option is the mark of a madman being forced into a corner. The Duma is being increasingly complicit in a nightmare they can and must challenge.

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