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Monday 26 July 2010


There has been widespread dismay at some of the revelations from secret documents exposed on the internet recently. They relate to unpalateble incidences during the war in Afghanistan, many exposing the deaths of civilians. The reports also seem to document the assassination of Taliban leaders without trial.
Why are people still surprised that these covert operations still go on? Why do the 'Not in my name' brigade still thinks that even in war, protocol observes all the niceties of civilized life.

This war will not be fought under the rules of the Geneva Convention or for that matter under any other romantic code of chivalry. In modern warfare we do not see the combatants displaying the etiquette of honourable battle, particularly if one side is motivated by religious zeal and unhampered by regard for human life. The Taliban have, for instance, no qualms about using women and children as shields when fighting.

The most important decision a statesman will ever make is to commit his people to war against another people. In the UK, I can't ever remember a spokesman in the House of Commons, telling the MPs in hushed tones: "That this Country is now at war with the Taliban." However the UK and USA are committed and although it bears no resemblance to the great wars of the twentieth century, it is a war and as such, having been begun must be prosecuted until won. By this I mean that it must be won by all available means including dark operations and political accommodation. Special forces regularly fight undercover and assassinate other troops. Why should the Taliban leaders be different, any more that our own Generals and political leaders.

Where do you draw the line? I wouldn't be at all surprised if US or UK chemists aren't devising a bacteria or virus that targets only those with Taliban genes in them. Why not! Remember that coming second in War really shouldn't be an option unless you want a country governed by Zealots abiding by Sharia law.

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