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Saturday 31 July 2010


Ian Huntley, the murderer of two young girls is suing the Ministry of Justice for £100,000 after being attacked by a fellow inmate in Jail. He claims the prison service failed in their duty of care.
Not that he gave those poor young girls any duty of care but I'll let that pass.

In times when the Government is trying to save money is it not time to stop this nonsense of people being able to sue public services. Sure; have grievences investigated by an ombudsman and wrongs righted but not for financial gain. It is not so much the payout he seeks that is the problem but the highly inflated legal aid costs, up to £1m, that will have to be paid by the tax payers.

Why are these costs so high. Barristers and solicitors only serve an institution created by man as an administrative exercise. They make nothing, create nothing, grow or mine nothing. The live by the exploitation of man's failings and may be only a necessary evil. I don't believe its an honourable profession compared with say being an engineer and certainly shouldn't attract the sort of money paid out in the Bloody Sunday enquiry.

As for Huntley; let him rot in jail and be sure to leave a noose in a corner should he ever decide to do the decent thing.

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