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Thursday 15 July 2010

Lord Prescott

What a hypocrite! How can anyone look at this man again without thinking he's an opportunist chancer on the make at the expense of the general public. For all his bluster about maintaining the opportunity to debate on behalf of those he's always represented, see a meal ticket for life for him and his social ladder climbing wife. He's a disgrace like all the Socialist members of the last New Labour Government. Why don't decent Labour Party members such as Dennis Skinner and Frank Field disassociate themselves from these freeloaders and self servers? Why don't they speak out and oppose those such as Ed Balls who are positively detrimental to the future of the beloved United kingdom.
The Labour Party, if ever again elected, will bring the country to its knees again as they have always done with their warped ideology, pushing their poisoned promise of milk and honey to the masses whilst looking after their own interests. Look at Tony Blair to see what I mean.

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