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Thursday 15 July 2010

New Vatican Guidelines

Vatican labels the ordination of women a 'grave crime' to be dealt with in the same way as sex abuse

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I'm sorry if it offends but these people, the Vatican, are taking billions of vulnerable and needy people for a ride. There is no mention of reporting active paedophiles in the Church to the police. It has been going on for years in every corner of the globe and is doubtless still going on but the Vatican think it merits the same attention as ordination of women.
Let me ask those with the faith, whether or not they believe that if there were a God, he would sanction the buggery and rape of children in his Church. If he was omnipotent, would he not do something about it? It's no good hiding behind the excuses of the guardians of the canon. If God won't do something about it he can't- because he doesn't exist; he never has and never will. Get it into your heads that we human beings are animals on a rock circulating in the cosmos according to natural physical laws. We have a spiritual side that has been hijacked by witch doctors and other shamanistic frauds for their own advantage and to further their own interests.
Wake up people. Wherever you are in the world, disown these frauds. Like parasites they live off your hard work, seducing you with promises they can't guarantee about your life after death, based on words written by MAN, not by a divine hand.

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